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Pioneering the Industry’s Next Generation of Tailored, High-Performance Systems

Looking to the Future and Leading the Way

There is power in a trusted brand. We at Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (SEWS) build our reputation on this. We are a part of the Sumitomo family of companies, a 400 year old brand synonymous with quality and reliability. In today’s automotive industry, SEWS products set the standard of excellence while meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectation of quality, delivery, and cost.

Automobiles of yesterday needed only basic wiring, connections, and components to power their systems. The evolution of the automobile today has transformed it into a highly technical array of systems and components that are designed to add safety, comfort, fuel economy, luxury, and convenience to the driving experience. SEWS delivers intelligent products for today’s intelligent automobiles.

SEWS has multiple locations across North America and employs the finest associates. We are honored to be a leading supplier for the top OEMS in the world.

Efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. This best explains why SEWS has grown to be a global leader in the automotive wiring systems industry. We will continue to build our customer base by providing the very best product, on time and on budget.