See what our associates are saying about their time with SEWS.

Chad Boggs
General Manager, Engineering
Ohio Customer Service Center

From working at the original SEWS Technical Headquarters in Morgantown, KY as a Design Engineer to now leading a Development Department at the Ohio Customer Service Center, SEWS has continuously offered a dynamic opportunity. What I like most about SEWS is the supportive cooperation within the organization to make a positive impact on our members, products, processes, and customers.

Aaron Brown
Systems Engineering Manager

As a member of SEWS from 2008, I have been very fortunate to develop some great relationships with people I have worked with throughout the years. I feel that one of the biggest strengths that SEWS has is the focus on its employees and the emphasis on teamwork and communication. The work that we do can be challenging at times, but it is also rewarding. When you work within a team that shares the same drive and determination to work together, it yields some of the best results. Each individual provides meaningful contributions that helps lead to team success. To me, the team spirit and sense of comradery that SEWS provides has impressed upon me a lasting sense of appreciation. In turn, this is something that drives me to continue sustaining that appreciation for all of our team members every day.

Christina Glenn
Procurement Manager

Twelve years ago I started my career at SEWS as a Procurement Clerk. The atmosphere at SEWS is internationally dynamic, allowing for an opportunity to use my Japanese language skills in a diverse environment. Having advanced into a Management role, I am provided training and guidance that enforces the concept of continual improvement and building a cooperative work environment. I look forward to the continued job growth and experiences in the years to come.

Lucie Lachaine
Specialist III
SEWS Canada

I like my job; I work with a really wonderful team. I enjoy coming to work each day. You never know what a new day will bring—that’s what keeps the job interesting..

Angelito Libiran
Engineering Project Coordinator
Ohio Customer Service Center

The knowledge I have gained from the different projects I have worked on has benefitted me in a lot of ways. Good workplace culture has given me the opportunity to grow, not only in technical abilities, but also with interpersonal skills. The company environment fosters diversity and respect to individuals. I take deep pride in being part of the SEWS family.

Olga Patricia Perez
Specialist II
El Paso Customer Service Center

I have worked for Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems for the past 20 years. It has been a great experience working here because SEWS is a magnificent company. I have had the opportunity to learn the automotive industry and continue learning from the people I’ve met while working here.

Grounded in Tradition
Connecting with Innovation

The Sumitomo Spirit along with our Core Values created the foundation of where we are today and provides us with the framework for tomorrow’s success.

Through creative and innovative product development, we respond clearly and surely to our customers’ needs. Our focus is now turned to the automotive society of the future – one that connects cars, people and society.