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Personal Information Protection Policy

The Company protects personal information of customers, business contacts and employees according to policies adopted and revised from time to time. For purposes of using this website, the Company will observe applicable laws and regulations relating to personal information in accordance with the following provisions. It is understood and agreed that by providing any personal information through this website, the user (“User”) and the Company are subject to the data protection laws of the United States of America. The Company is defined to be Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. and its affiliates.

1. When a User provides information through this website, the User grants express permission to the Company for use of such information in accordance with this Policy.

2. If a User establishes a relationship with the Company as employee, contractor, supplier, customer or otherwise, any personal information policy or agreement concerning the User’s personal information in connection with such relationship will supersede the terms of this Policy.

3. The Company will use personal information from User only for the purpose of communicating with User for purposes disclosed to User, and will the use will be limited to that purpose. The Company will not sell or otherwise transfer to third parties personal information about User without User’s express permission.

4. Personal information about User will be handled only by authorized persons or processors only to the extent necessary to carry out their specific duties, and will be deleted after such information becomes irrelevant to the purposes for which it is kept.

5. The Company will undertake reasonable measures to protect Users’ personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage.

6. When the Company shares personal information with a third party or provides personal information to a third party with which the Company has contracted out work, the Company will take necessary legal measures to prevent personal information from being inappropriately utilized by such third parties.

7. When a User requests disclosure, correction, deletion or change of use of User’s personal information, the Company will honor such requests, unless legally prohibited from doing so or absent compelling and lawful business reasons.

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