Components – Connectors and Terminals

Connectors and terminals provide the connections between all electrical functions of the vehicle. They connect various devices, harnesses and systems to provide reliable performance throughout the life of the vehicle while enduring the harshest environments – heat, cold, vibration, water/ fluids, etc.

Reliability is paramount, from harness manufacturing through vehicle assembly handling and onto the road. Satisfying customer requests for smaller, more reliable and cost competitive solutions to meet the continuous demands of the automotive industry is our goal.

As vehicle systems develop and become more complex with advanced electronic systems, conventional systems are sometimes inadequate and new ones must be developed to keep pace.


Automotive connectors made by SEWS provide the electrical junction for the terminals/ harnesses of various electrical systems. They provide protection and support for the terminals and wires during environments such as heat, vibration and submersion. They may be waterproof, non-waterproof, engine or PCB mounted. SEWS electrical connectors can be found throughout modern automobiles.


Automotive terminals produced by SEWS must guarantee electrical performance for the life of the vehicle. They secure the connection and signals, regardless of the environment. From race car type stress to extreme cold, the terminals must be functional without interruption.

Technology drives the future

The evolution of the automobile today has transformed it into a highly technical array of systems and components that are designed to add safety, comfort, fuel economy, luxury, and convenience to the driving experience. SEWS develops and delivers intelligent products for today’s intelligent automobiles through our advanced product development process.