Electric Wire

Delivering Energy

Wiring harnesses consist of various wires bundled together, with each individual wire responsible for carrying the electric signals and energy used in starting the engine, lights, meters, navigation systems, power windows and doors, and other devices in the vehicle.

There are many different types of wire used in a wiring harness. Some varieties are more flexible, more heat or cold resistant, and others can be smaller for easier routing or larger for products requiring more current.

Not only does SEWS use these various wires in the construction of wiring harnesses, but we also manufacture the wire we use. This is another important factor in helping us ensure the very best quality in all of our wiring harness products.

Technology drives the future

The evolution of the automobile today has transformed it into a highly technical array of systems and components that are designed to add safety, comfort, fuel economy, luxury, and convenience to the driving experience. SEWS develops and delivers intelligent products for today’s intelligent automobiles through our advanced product development process.