Commanding Vehicle Functions

Highest Quality Electronic Components for Today’s Advanced Automobiles

While naturally functioning as a means of transport, more recently cars have come to include navigation systems as well as audio and other entertainment functions. We are actively developing a variety of electronic components required for car electronics, with many superior products to choose from.

Electronic components now digitally control many vehicle operations. Use of electronics in core vehicle systems, including the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and steering, also continues to grow. This is leading to a need for ever more compact electrical parts and more efficient assemblies. We at SEWS are developing products that integrate a number of components with combined functions, vastly reducing the number of parts and thus helping reduce size and weight.

Properties of the Wheel Speed Sensor Integrated With EPB Harness

Sumitomo Wiring Systems has integrated the wheel speed sensor and the harness for EPB (Electric Parking Brake) through application of the technology of the wheel speed sensor, wire, and connector, instead of using the intermediate connectors and double sheath wire.

Junction Box

Containing relays, fuses, and other components, this unit centralizes connections for the vehicles’ electrical circuits and thus supports the overall control of the electronics.

Electronic Control Units

The electronic control unit, which controls the vehicle’s onboard devices, can be likened to a control tower or the vehicle’s brain. This integrated component also enables smart entry systems, doing away with the need for any key.

Technology drives the future

The evolution of the automobile today has transformed it into a highly technical array of systems and components that are designed to add safety, comfort, fuel economy, luxury, and convenience to the driving experience. SEWS develops and delivers intelligent products for today’s intelligent automobiles through our advanced product development process.